CPE India About Us

About Us

In 2009, several investors set out to make a difference for rural Indian villagers by establishing a sustainable economic solution to the problem of water. The problem? Few people have access to clean, drinkable water in rural India. The consequences of the water problem include poor health, decreased life expectancy, corruption, poverty, and high crime. Water profoundly impacts every aspect of life.

Community Pure Water Pvt. Ltd. (CPW) is located in Hyderabad, India. We envision a day where everyone has access to clean water. Through our water purification system we

  • Develop a sustainable supply of purified drinking water in rural areas at affordable prices (less than 35paise/ltr or less than 1 cent/ltr).
  • Eliminate transportation costs from urban centres to rural areas for supply of purified water.
  • Create water with a quality equal to packaged bottled water.
  • Give rural residents the same access to purified residents as urban residents.
How We Will Help

    CPW, through the investments of our partners, connects with various village governments throughout rural India. After funding and legal agreements have been reached, CPW installs a water purification system in the village and trains one individual to operate the system.

    The CPW water purification system not only provides employment to a resident in the village, but it also produces an ethical revenue source for the village. What’s more, the residents avoid unsafe water and avoid purchasing water at exorbitant prices.

    Learn more about how CPW will help rural Indian villagers by reading about our approach. Or if you are interested in investing in this sustainable economic model, contact CPW directly.