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Join us. Envision a day when everyone can have purified drinking water.

Why We’ve Made Water Our Mission

The people of India make up 16% of the world’s population. Yet India only has 4% of the world’s water resources. Top this with the country’s 1.9% population growth rate that will lead to 1.5 billion people by 2050 and an estimated water demand of almost 1180 billion cubic meters in 2050 (an increase from 710 BCM in 2010) and a water crisis seems imminent.3

The need for advanced water infrastructures to accommodate this growth is imperative…but so is the need for improving the current rural India water demands of TODAY. Not only is India not prepared for the future, but the majority of its rural population lacks what it needs now.

How Our Water Purification System Works

CPW’s water purification system relies on reverse osmosis to treat most types of contaminated water. The majority of the water we treat contains dangerous levels of fluoride, iron, arsenic, and grey water. Through the process we remove these minerals and pollutants along with bacteria, algae, and fungi.

But before we can install a purification system, we must first meet with local village governments to assess water sources and the needs of each village. If a village government (Grampanchayath) decides to move forward, CPW needs

  • Basement and Enclosed room of 15’ X 20’
  • Access to electricity connection
  • Access to raw water
  • Village resolution
  • IOM Agreement
  • Contribution required from GP/TRUST/DONOR/Any Third Party

Contact us if you are interested in investing in the sustainable economic model.

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