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An ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED COMPANY Bringing Pure Water to Rural Indian Villages

Community Pure Water India Pvt. Ltd. (CPW) is committed to providing purified drinking water to people in rural areas. We believe that by reaching the most remote areas of India with pure water that the future of India will be a bright one.

Itís estimated that 128 million rural people in India are without safe water, and that means these same people are at risk for Hepatitis A, enteric fever, intestinal worms, eye and skin infections, and more.1 As an organization, CPW has reached more than 152 villages and helped more than 500,000 people, but there are still millions more to help. We canít accomplish our mission on our own.

Join CPW in our efforts by learning more about the water issues in India and by becoming a CPW partner. Your investment in this sustainable economic model will improve the lives of many in India by:

  • Establishing a safe drinking water source and preventing communicable diseases. According to the World Bank, 21% of communicable diseases are a result of unsafe water.2
  • Reducing the disparity between urban and rural residents in India. Itís estimated that only 14% of rural residents have access to a toilet.2
  • Creating job opportunities in impoverished rural communities that result in purified water.
  • Making water affordable for residents of very remote villages.
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